Fall 2017

U.S. Department of State

Art direction
Motion design


How can we engage and inform the broad target audience for International Education Week on social?

During my motion design internship with the State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, I was tasked with creating pieces that engage audiences on the Bureau's website and social media channels. One video I wrote, storyboarded, illustrated and animated was an evergreen explainer about international education that could be used to promote International Education Week (IEW) annually.

Challenge #1

Conceive an action item for a timeless event

As I was briefed, I was consistently confused by the concept of IEW because it is not tied to one singular event. This makes the call to action very unclear. Our audience shared this pain. To combat this confusion and promote involvement, I pitched the explainer and focused the script to emphasize that IEW isn't dependent on one event or one group of people; its reach is wide.

Challenge #2

Focus on transitions to emphasize unity

The globe became the main "character" throughout the piece to emphasize the all-encompassing, togetherness of this event. The transitions are central to moving the explainer forward. The various forms and sizes it takes underscores the message: people can get involved in any way that makes sense for them.

Challenge #3

Create compelling visuals within predefined guidelines

There were strict brand guidelines in place for IEW, so I had to adapt to my designs to work with a palette of three colors and one typeface. The flat visual style allows the motion to take center stage and focuses the message.

In context

Measuring campaign success

The final video was posted to the Bureau's Facebook page. It received 25,000 views and was shared more than 370 times. It has also been used in recent campaigns to promote International Education Week.

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