Spring 2018

New Narratives

New Narratives

UX research
UI + UX design


How do we drive education and funding through simplified user experience design?

New Narratives is a non-profit organization focused on supporting local African journalists financially and editorially, so they can produce honest, accurate news. Most of their website's traffic came from large donors when they applied to grants. The NN founder, Prue Clarke, wanted to maintain that focus, but streamline their interface to simplify the information architecture. I rebranded the organization and created mockups for a responsive website redesign.

Challenge #1

Simplifying information hierarchy

The previous site had more than 8 navigation tabs, with 5-10 sub-categories under each of those. For an organization focused on efficient storytelling, this was far too complex. I edited the copy and redefined the information architecture so there were only 4 navigation tabs that scrolled users down a one page site.

Challenge #2

Approachable text presentation

The ways information was displayed needed to change so users weren't hit with walls of text. I came up with a couple different types of swipe-able "cards" so information was in smaller chunks. This was more engaging and would encourage potential donors to actually read about the organization.

Challenge #3

Pivoting from flat to dimensional UI

The first round of designs were really flat, but to better reflect the organization's commitment to in-depth reporting and dimensional reporters, I switched to a more layered approach. Using slight drop shadows and solid buttons reflected this aspect of the organization and created a more appealing UI and overall experience.

Draft 01
Draft 02
Draft 03

Challenge #4

Strengthening the visual brand for a strong identity

The original logo is a radio wave around the continent of Africa with a gradient. This approach doesn't work in grayscale and feels overcomplicated against busy backgrounds. I tried a geometric approach to emphasize the organization's commitment to trustworthy journalism. The sharp angles and solid base stress their independent, standard-setting storytelling.

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