Spring 2019

What's the deal with midcentury modern?

AR design
Art direction
Motion design
Print design


How can we make a print product necessary to a digital experience?

A fascination with midcentury modern furniture began when I studied abroad in Denmark in the fall of 2018. To expand my knowledge of the subject, I started a speculative book that integrates augmented reality. I wanted to find a way to bring this print medium into the digital space, so during a 30-day challenge, I illustrated 15 examples of midcentury modern design, prototyped the AR experience and created a promotional explainer for the experience.

Challenge #1

Encourage finding value in a supplemental experience

The concept of using a print product to access a digital experience is not unheard of, but to promote reader engagement with the AR component, I created a short video to explain the concept.

Challenge #2

Bring out the bold simplicity of midcentury

The hallmark of midcentury modern design is beautiful utilitarianism. The best examples are simple with restrained elegance. The illustrations needed to express that, but vectors felt too perfect. I used gouache brushes to create texture and liveliness.

Challenge #3

Bring out the bold simplicity of midcentury

I researched and designed four book prototypes that are the keys to unlock the AR experience. This book series is both promotional and functional as it gives a deeper look at the influential designers of the midcentury modern design movement and their work. Users can read the print edition, scan trigger points on the page to view furniture in their home, read more and even make purchases.

Competitive audit

Create a viable user experience in 15 days

On the short timeline, I did a brief competitive audit of the IKEA Place app to see how they handle the AR component of their experience. I took inspiration from their user flow to keep up with design sprint.

Challenge #4

Prototyping immersive design

My AR design professor always said she's tired of designing for rectangles. AR breaks out of the confines of our phone screens (the rectangles we can't get away from), and inspires engagement with the world around us. To preview what this engagement could look like in different situations, I created the prototype in After Effects.

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