Spring 2019

HUGs from Cara

Art direction
Motion design

Motion Team
Lucy Naland
Bridget Slomian

Bumper Team
Laura Angle
John Doscas


How do we convey the complexity of grief and loss without being too abrasive in 30 seconds?

During a 48 hour design workshop, I was one of three senior designers who concepted, wrote, illustrated and animated a video for a local grief support organization called HUGs from Cara. I co-wrote the script, created storyboards, defined the visual style and illustrations for the video and helped apply that style throughout the campaign and animated the motion piece (0:13-0:23).

Challenge #1

Telling the story of grief

The original script pitch focused on a character going through major life events without the person they lost. We wanted to avoid telling people what grief looks like because … we could never adequately describe what that is for all people, so we adjusted the angle so this video could be helpful rather than upsetting.

Challenge #2

Pacing the message

Cara left behind two children, one of whom wanted to use her voice to help spread the message of the organization. Our team worked with her to record voice over. The audio came in last minute so in the meantime, we created an animatic to help block out the pacing so the message was clear, but not rushed.

Challenge #3

Visualizing grief for everyone

We also wanted to avoid using a character because that limits the audience this video resonates with. Instead, we have a single line that changes forms but is always present, moving forward. There is an organic touch to the shapes and hand lettering that emphasizes the humanity that comes with grief.

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