FALL 2015–SPRING 2018

the daily orange

Art direction
Editorial design
Motion design


how do we pivot from the idea of designing pages to designing stories?

When I started working at The Daily Orange, the whole paper operated on a print-first mindset. As our digital presence expanded, we realized instead of delivering singular print packages, it was increasingly important to create design storytelling systems that seamlessly spanned our print, online and social products. I spent a year working as the digital editor to develop a workflow that encouraged collaboration between print and digital so stories leave a powerful impact no matter how readers consume them.


implement print concepts on digital platforms

There is a long tradition of creating custom design guides for The D.O.'s annual sports guides, which are collections of the strongest stories, photos and videos that serve as a preview for the upcoming season. But, those systems were rarely implemented into digital packages. We aimed to remedy this with Basketball Guide 2017.



collaborate to create systems that highlight the strengths of each platform

I worked closely with the print presentation director and we designed a system that felt cohesive, but took advantage of the benefits of the strengths of each platform. I designed the landing page, planned alternative formats for articles, oversaw video production, created a five-part series for The D.O.'s recently-launched Snapchat Publisher Story and worked with our web developer to get it all online.


how we previously approached story packages

As a point of reference, this is how we previously packaged stories. There was a lack of continuity between presentations and often online readers, which make up the majority of The D.O.'s student readership, were left with lack-luster visuals and walls of text.

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