Summer 2018

Amazon, Alexa Shopping & Whole Foods

Amazon, Alexa Shopping

Art direction
Visual design


How do we introduce customers to shopping Whole Foods with Alexa?

There are endless tasks we complete daily without considering, is there a better way to do this? Consider grocery shopping. The most basic, but essential shopping customers accomplish weekly. From buying home essentials to creating shopping lists, this purchase experience has remained relatively unchanged for decades. Amazon Alexa and Whole Foods paired up to change that.

Challenge #1

Devise a scalable visual campaign concept

Scale was a crucial consideration for this campaign because the concept had to work in large header placements and in smaller navigation bar placements. The food imagery replacing the word it represents in the utterance gave a visual appeal to an instruction-driven approach. Earlier iterations were crowded with far too much text to work at smaller sizes, and even at a large scale, it was overwhelming.

Challenge #2

A consistent campaign for four brand systems

Since this experience utilized functionalities from four different teams including Alexa Shopping,, Prime Now and Whole Foods, the campaign needed to adhere to four brand systems. The regulations on imagery, typography and color were strong, so I ideated as much as possible to give options to the various stakeholders and defend decisions when necessary.

Challenge #3

Developing different terminal points

Since so many teams were involved, there needed to be multiple points customers could go to for further explanation of the experience. In such a new experience space like voice design, there is an emphasis on customer education. These landing pages gave a space for that education, but across so many platforms, they needed to feel consistent, but not repetitive.

Challenge #4

A visual solution to a UX problem

A few days before launch, the product team realized there was a customer population who may not receive push notifications to check out their cart, a key part of the customer purchase experience. In order to remedy this, I wrote and designed an email explaining how to modify settings in order to improve the experience.

Next steps

What comes next in voice design?

I'll be returning to Amazon this fall to continue working on the Alexa Shopping to further improve voice design experience and customer understanding through marketing and visual design.

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